Monday, November 8, 2010

Basic Jewelry Wardrobe--Linked necklace

A basic, linked necklace is an absolute necessity in a woman's wardrobe.  Any necklace with large, obvious circles, entertwined to make a necklace is suitable.  Both gold and silver apply here in both shiny, matte, or two-toned finishes.

These necklaces can go from choker length to a very long 41 inches and still look current.  Often, longer necklaces are more versatile, as they can be worn in various ways (doubled, tripled).

Runway looks this season dictate the long necklace with round links or loops of varying sizes.  One example of that is our Runway necklace.  At a generous 41 inches long, this silver number is a showstopper!  Our Eugenia necklace is a best seller in both silver and gold satin.  Both of these are excellent choices, but only a small amount of what the savvy shopper can find in our catalog or in local boutiques.

My personal favorite right now is the Regal necklace in our 2010 Holiday Gift Catalog.  It is 16 inches of beautiful, silver choker with large, bold links.  Every other link is "diamond" encrusted, ramping up the bling factor considerably!  Regal also comes available in a matching bracelet and earrings.

Linked necklaces are a much have for the jewelry wardrobe and can be worn for years.  Worn with classic articles of clothing, these necklaces will look current for years to come!

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