Saturday, December 18, 2010

Want to Rev Up Your Outfits?

As we approach 2011, it's only natural to want to spruce up your wardrobe a bit.  Some of us may receive some new clothing from Santa, but the bulk of our wardrobes will stay the same.

But, they don't have to look like the same ol' thing!

Right now, silver jewelry is a red, hot fashion statement.  Add silver earrings and a bold (statement) necklace, and you will be ready to go out on the town.  If that much silver is not for you, how about some of the beautiful pieces with both gold and silver in them.  You'll get an updated look and can still match your 14k wedding band.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sad News

This morning, all of us who are affiliated with Premier Designs were notified that one of our founders, Mrs. Joan Horner, had passed away.  Joan was a remarkable, giving, Christian lady who lived a life of service and love.

She will be sorely missed.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Horner Family and our entire Premier family.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's Time...

to share the warmth of Christmas.  Our tree is up and we are enjoying our family traditions.  We hope that you are as well.  Hug someone you love!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Color me thankful!

Today, it is Thanksgiving Day in the United States.  On this day, we express gratitude for all of the wonderful freedoms that we have been given and for the blessings we experience in our lives.

I hope that you have a chance to enjoy the holiday with those you love.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Basic Jewelry Wardrobe--Fashionable Watch

In modern life, it is all about time, isn't it?

We rush here, we rush there. We strategize and multi-task. Is it any wonder that a beautiful, functional wristwatch should be part of our total, pulled together look?

Every woman needs a good watch.  Whether you are a single watch kind of gal with a gorgeous oversized number with a black leather band, or a gal who has a watch for every occasion, a good watch is everyone's friend.

The most basic watch is the aforementioned oversized watch with black or brown leather band.  This harkens back to the original aviator wrist watches.  With a black band, it can go from casual, to date night, to dressy.  It's all in what you put with it!  Never wear a simple watch by itsself.  It needs a buddy!  A petite tennis bracelet will add just enough interest and bling to soften the look of your watch.  It adds just a bit of femininity and allows you to take this wardrobe workhorse (the watch) and add a bit of personality to it.

Of course, if inclination and finances allow, have a watch for every occasion.  Have a sports watch with a rubberized band, a classic watch for casual, a metallic watch for dressier occasions (think gold, silver, hematite, and even copper), and a "diamond" encrusted one for the most upscale of events.  The sky is truly the limit!

The key, of course, is to find the watch that best suits your unique style.  If you despise hinged watches, go for a different band.  If leather is not your thing, look for metallics.

For most of us, watches are everyday necessities.  Necessities can be beautiful, too!

October and November Hostess Special!

Guess what? I am having a fantastic special for Hostesses from October 18 through November 24th!

Check this out!

What YOU should know my High Fashion Jewelry Business

Life comes at us fast sometimes.  We are all so busy.  Then someone asks if they can give you some FREE jewelry.

FREE is good, right?

But, what do you really know about the company that is behind the request?  Are they reputable?  Will they be around long enough to help you if you have a damaged piece of jewelry?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Basic Jewelry Wardrobe--Linked necklace

A basic, linked necklace is an absolute necessity in a woman's wardrobe.  Any necklace with large, obvious circles, entertwined to make a necklace is suitable.  Both gold and silver apply here in both shiny, matte, or two-toned finishes.

These necklaces can go from choker length to a very long 41 inches and still look current.  Often, longer necklaces are more versatile, as they can be worn in various ways (doubled, tripled).

Runway looks this season dictate the long necklace with round links or loops of varying sizes.  One example of that is our Runway necklace.  At a generous 41 inches long, this silver number is a showstopper!  Our Eugenia necklace is a best seller in both silver and gold satin.  Both of these are excellent choices, but only a small amount of what the savvy shopper can find in our catalog or in local boutiques.

My personal favorite right now is the Regal necklace in our 2010 Holiday Gift Catalog.  It is 16 inches of beautiful, silver choker with large, bold links.  Every other link is "diamond" encrusted, ramping up the bling factor considerably!  Regal also comes available in a matching bracelet and earrings.

Linked necklaces are a much have for the jewelry wardrobe and can be worn for years.  Worn with classic articles of clothing, these necklaces will look current for years to come!

Basic Jewelry Wardrobe--"Diamond" Studs

Now, the word stud gets thrown around quite a bit, so I wanted to clarify which usage of the word we are using.  The stud I am referring to is not a load bearing piece of a wall or a good looking fellow, I am referring to a basic pair of earrings.

Stud earrings usually consist of a single gemstone affixed to a metal post that goes through a pierced ear.  They are a truly basic earring.  Many young girls wear post type earrings (and sometimes gemstone ones) when they first get their ears pierced.  Ladies with double piercings in their ears sometimes choose to wear a stud in the top piercing.

The most classic stud earring is the single "diamond" stud.  Whether you sport a flawless, genuine diamond or one of the very convincing "diamond" crystals, this look is timeless.  Gold or silver setting is a little less important in a stud earring as very little of the metal usually shows.  In a bezel set stone, the stone is faceted and sits in a round ring of metal (in this case, the metal matters).

To jazz up a simple stud earring, consider a jacket that the earring slips through.  Earring jackets can add additional gemstones or metallic interest to the outside edge of the stone, making the earring appear far more substantial.  The Laura earrings are a single round stud which appears to be jacketed (but is not) with crystals and is a very elegant look.  And at under $40 a genuine steal in silver stud earrings!

Please stop back by to learn more about basic jewelry wardrobe pieces!

Basic Jewelry Wardrobe--Hoops

Fashionistas tell us that there are six classic pieces of jewelry that every woman should have in her wardrobe.  These pieces add a bit of sparkle to an outfit, yet are classic and refined.  In each of these blog articles, I will select one piece and explain how it fits into a wardrobe plan.

Hoop earrings are often part of the wardrobe from girlhood to adult life.  Hoops vary in size from extremely tiny to quite large.  The best size for most faces is around the size of a golf ball.  Hoops that are larger tend to draw the eye easily into the "expressive zone" of the face.  Larger hoops tend to add movement to your outfit.

I don't know about you, but I would rather have someone notice my eyes than my thighs!

While gold and silver hoops are mainstays, they work well in either a mirror or satin finish.  I recommend having both a gold and a silver set.  Round is the typical shape for hoops, but often a teardrop shape (like our Complements earrings) is more flattering to a round or full face.  For a more modern look, an angular shape hoop is best (like our Orbit earrings).

Once your basic jewelry wardrobe is complete, you can consider adding hematite hoops, such as Trellis!

Hoop earrings in gold and silver tones will give your wardrobe loads of versatility for many years.  Be sure to stop back by to learn about more basic jewelry wardrobe pieces!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Women Helping Women

It's a very good thing.  There is a new Party Plan Company around and it is Seeds of Blessing.  They purchase handmade items from women in poverty stricken areas of the world and sell it to ladies in wealthier parts of the world.

Supporting this company is a meaningful way to support women around the world.  These women benefit by having a ready market for their goods, a fair wage, and hope.

I am in no way affiliated with this company, but I believe that its mission is worthwhile.  And worth sharing!

Thanks also to Lynsey at  The Party Plan Coach for putting the word out!  Lynsey is also the mastermind behind Party Plan Divas, an amazing resource for WAHMs!  It's just another example of women helping women to succeed!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Is your look getting a little, well, haggard?  Don't worry, it happens to the best of us, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Set aside some time and let me show you and a few friends how to stretch the basic pieces from your current wardrobe into great, workable outfits for today.  Changing up the accessories is all it takes!

That's why some clothing pieces are considered basic (jeans, khakis, plain shell, white button up shirt, black dress, pants, or skirt).  They can be dressed up or down depending on the accessories.  It's like magic!

Contact me if you would like to learn more about updating your wardrobe.  I'd love to work with you.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


When it comes to accessories, what are the workhorses in your wardrobe?  If you are like most women, they would be a wristwatch and wedding band. These items are so iconic, many women don't consider themselves to be wearing any jewelry at all--even with these pieces on!

Why are these pieces so prevalent?  Wedding bands are symbolic.  The circle symbolizes love that is never ending.  When we wear our wedding bands, we are making a very public statement about our priorities and the commitments in our lives. In different countries, the finger that the wedding band is traditionally worn on can be different, but the statement remains the same.

Wrist watches are a more recent jewelry statement.  The original watch wasn't really considered jewelry at all!  It was a strictly utilitarian piece for aircraft pilots to wear.  It helped them to be able to check the time without reaching for the common (at that time) pocket watch.

While watches may have been originally seen as representative of the advances of aviation and modern technology, they aren't any more!  Along with the ever present fashion element of the leather bomber jacket, the wrist watch stays in fashion and is a common element in many ladies' jewelry wardrobe.

Most ladies only own wear one wedding band (at a time, anyway), but it is quite common to own multiple watches for different looks and activities.

Let's hear it for the work horses of our jewelry wardrobes!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday!

5 little things I am grateful for today.
1.  a little rain
2.  a great conference call with Elizabeth
3.  sharing business building ideas
4.  my silly cats
5.  being able to work from home

How to Care for Your Silver Jewelry

One of the best ways to make your jewelry investment last a long time is to make sure that you properly care for your items.  Each type of jewelry has unique needs.  When it doubt about how to proceed, it is better to contact a local Jeweler or leave a contact here so I can help you determine the best course of action.

Uncoated sterling silver jewelry is traditionally prone to tarnishing.  Basic silver polish can help remove the tarnish and add a soft, aged patina to the piece.  If you would prefer to keep your item looking super shiny, you can use a silver dip made for this purpose (Tarn-X) is one brand that is available.  These products are extremely hazardous to use and must be used very carefully in order to prevent harm to yourself.  Silver polishing cloths are  available that have a soft, microfiber surface and an anti-tarnish agent built in (usually zinc).  This will give a nice, safe, dry polish to any piece.  

Coated sterling silver is another story, altogether.  Because of the clear coating that prevents tarnish, you should never buff the piece with a silver cloth, use silver polish, or use a silver dip product.  All of these can damage the clear coating that prevents tarnishing.  The longer that the piece is protected, the more lovely the luster.  Gently wipe these items clean with a very soft, cotton cloth. A clean piece of an retired t-shirt works well.  If a piece has an obviously damaged or hazy coating, check with a local silversmith or jewelry store to see if re-coating the piece might be feasible.

Silver costume jewelry is usually made of plastic and should be handled gently and wiped clean with a soft, cotton cloth.

High Fashion silver jewelry is actually coated heavily with precious silver on the outside.  If not tarnished, gently wipe clean with a soft, cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth (similar to what you would clean eyeglasses with--no chemicals added).  Because of the clear coatings on this type of jewelry, it is best not to try and handle this at home.  Check to see if the manufacturer offers a guarantee or warranty on this type of jewelry.  The better companies will.

By carefully caring for your jewelry pieces, they will sparkle and enhance your wardrobe.  Happy Bling!

Jewelry Types

When ladies talk about jewelry, they often refer to it as either "real" or made exclusively with precious metals and/or gemstones or "fake" or costume jewelry.  But, there is another type of jewelry and the distinction can be important.

Precious jewelry is what is often referred to as "real."  This jewelry is what we all love to receive, but seldom purchase for ourselves.  Different precious metals and gemstones require special care to look their very best.  Your local jewelry store can often clean items for you in an ultrasonic unit.

Costume jewelry is what is often referred to as "fake."  Costume jewelry usually follows the latest fads and trends and is not intended to be worn for multiple seasons.  Often, this jewelry is made from plastic, wood, paper mache, and other common materials.  Usually, it is best not to let costume jewelry get wet for prolonged periods as it will hasten its demise.  This jewelry is inexpensive and fun.

High Fashion Jewelry is the middle road between these two types.  This jewelry is designed and manufactured to be as close to precious jewelry as possible in weight, feel, and look.  Often, it includes pieces that are made of a base metal and covered (in multiple layers) with precious metals.  This jewelry sometimes follows trends generally, but is meant to be worn for more than one season, although it won't last forever.  Often jewelry seen at Hollywood events and on television shows and in movies is High Fashion Jewelry.  Many stars wear beautiful High Fashion copies of their precious jewelry when they go out to avoid loss if the piece is lost or stolen.

Personally, I love the look of precious jewelry, but High Fashion Jewelry fits my budget and lifestyle better!