Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jewelry Types

When ladies talk about jewelry, they often refer to it as either "real" or made exclusively with precious metals and/or gemstones or "fake" or costume jewelry.  But, there is another type of jewelry and the distinction can be important.

Precious jewelry is what is often referred to as "real."  This jewelry is what we all love to receive, but seldom purchase for ourselves.  Different precious metals and gemstones require special care to look their very best.  Your local jewelry store can often clean items for you in an ultrasonic unit.

Costume jewelry is what is often referred to as "fake."  Costume jewelry usually follows the latest fads and trends and is not intended to be worn for multiple seasons.  Often, this jewelry is made from plastic, wood, paper mache, and other common materials.  Usually, it is best not to let costume jewelry get wet for prolonged periods as it will hasten its demise.  This jewelry is inexpensive and fun.

High Fashion Jewelry is the middle road between these two types.  This jewelry is designed and manufactured to be as close to precious jewelry as possible in weight, feel, and look.  Often, it includes pieces that are made of a base metal and covered (in multiple layers) with precious metals.  This jewelry sometimes follows trends generally, but is meant to be worn for more than one season, although it won't last forever.  Often jewelry seen at Hollywood events and on television shows and in movies is High Fashion Jewelry.  Many stars wear beautiful High Fashion copies of their precious jewelry when they go out to avoid loss if the piece is lost or stolen.

Personally, I love the look of precious jewelry, but High Fashion Jewelry fits my budget and lifestyle better!

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