Thursday, October 28, 2010


When it comes to accessories, what are the workhorses in your wardrobe?  If you are like most women, they would be a wristwatch and wedding band. These items are so iconic, many women don't consider themselves to be wearing any jewelry at all--even with these pieces on!

Why are these pieces so prevalent?  Wedding bands are symbolic.  The circle symbolizes love that is never ending.  When we wear our wedding bands, we are making a very public statement about our priorities and the commitments in our lives. In different countries, the finger that the wedding band is traditionally worn on can be different, but the statement remains the same.

Wrist watches are a more recent jewelry statement.  The original watch wasn't really considered jewelry at all!  It was a strictly utilitarian piece for aircraft pilots to wear.  It helped them to be able to check the time without reaching for the common (at that time) pocket watch.

While watches may have been originally seen as representative of the advances of aviation and modern technology, they aren't any more!  Along with the ever present fashion element of the leather bomber jacket, the wrist watch stays in fashion and is a common element in many ladies' jewelry wardrobe.

Most ladies only own wear one wedding band (at a time, anyway), but it is quite common to own multiple watches for different looks and activities.

Let's hear it for the work horses of our jewelry wardrobes!


  1. Great post! MY other workhorse is a pair of diamond earrings that I wear in my ears - I am double pierced, so I keep the diamonds in always, and daily change the others to something to match! :)

  2. I have double pierced ears, too. I like the idea of a diamond stud. Lately, I don't wear anything in the top, but some really modern looking, angular silver hoops.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!